Toastie Wool House Slippers

Classic Sheepskin

$44.00 NZD 

Colour: Natural

Roll them up & put them in your bag, just like a pair of socks - these slippers are perfect for travelling!! With a soft ribbed ankle cuff & merino wool inner they allow your feet to breathe.

Made from 100% Merino Wool and with the addition of a sole to give a longer life. 400 C hand or machine wash in wool detergent. Dry in shade.

Also available in children's sizes.

Sizing (measured from heel to toe of toastie sole)

Approximate Size

XS - 22.5cm Sz5
S - 25.5cm Sz6
M - 26.5cm Sz7
L - 28.5cm Sz8
XL - 31.5cm Sz9