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Sheepskin Wool Baby Infant Care Lamb Wool Rug

Sheepskin Wool Baby Infant Care Lamb Wool Rug

$115.00 NZD

Sanitised sheepskin rug for your baby. Long wool and short wool sheepskin rugs available.
Colour: Honey, White
Length: 31 to 38" (79 to 97cm)
Width: 20 to 25" (51 to 64cm)
Pile height: 1.0 to 2" (25mm to 50mm)

"These sheepskin baby rugs have been clinically sanitised for baby use. No organic materials, carcinogenic dyes or formaldehyde are used in their preparation. Fully machine-washable. Your baby will easily settle and stay content. He will cry less and sleep more!
Studies have proven that preterm and low birth-weight babies grow faster, rest less fretfully and lose less body heat when on a lambswool rug such as this one. Use in the pram, stroller, and as your baby grows older - a play rug on the floor.

These specially chosen lambskins under the strict criteria of ISO 9001 Quality systems make them ideal for your child. The infant care rugs are Sanitised™ which acts as a built-in deodorant & mildew barrier. It prevents the development of the germs that cause odour & material breakdown, thus making the rug hygienic, durable & fresher giving a guarantee of lasting protection for your baby. The fine wool allows air to circulate around the baby & has been shown to have a calming effect. Ideal for cots, prams, car seats, use it in a wheelchair or give comfort to someone convalescing …….this makes a great gift !

Machine wash in lukewarm water (max 40oC) using a mild liquid detergent. Rinse well, normal spin cycle, stretch to shape and line dry away from direct sunlight. Do NOT bleach. Do NOT use fabric softeners or enzyme based cleaners. Dry-cleanable. Regular brushing and shaking will help maintain the soft, fluffy appearance and feel of the sheepskin.

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