Possum Leather TrueGrip/Gripper/ Fila Golf Glove Men's

True Grip Leather

$28.00 NZD 

For golfers who play golf right handed - select a LEFT hand glove.

For golfers who play golf left handed - select a RIGHT hand glove.

There are only limited sizes available.

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To the smart Golfer that understands the importance of having an edge: Fila make available in super soft possum.

These are the BEST Golf Gloves in the World (as voted in a Televised competition in the U.S.)! They are made from 100% possum skin which is unique in its combination of soft tacky feel, yet outstanding durability.

"I've tried Foot Joy, Spalding, Dunlop and many others, and this is the best glove I've ever put on my hand."
Jospeph Burnam / Pascagoula, MS

The leather contains two unique properties making it especially appealing to golfers.  Longer durability and it's water/perspiration resistant. This means fewer trips to replace worn out gloves.  It also means you maintain a firm grip in wet, drizzly or hot, humid weather. Additionally, even after getting completely wet, the possum leather dries soft.

Possum's amazingly durable yet supple leather maintains a flexible gripping action. Whether it's hot and sweaty or cold and drizzly. And because possum naturally resists weathering, it never loses its shape. So you can practically play forever with just one glove.

100% New Zealand possum leather gives this Glove outstandingly tough durability that other golf gloves can't match. It has the look and feel of a traditional glove, but gives you a tight grip that prevents slippage.

*Much more durable than traditional sports gloves
*Superior grip and handling
*Strong and comfortable
*Resists wear and remains pliable even after getting wet
*Maintains its shape and resists hardening without any special care
*Stays supple and flexible
*Amazingly durable yet supple leather maintains a flexible gripping action.
*Outstandingly tough durability that other golf gloves can't match