Manuka Honey Purifying Toner


$21.99 NZD 

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140ml - 92.7% Natural

This alcohol free toner contains the beneficial qualities of premium certified Manuka Honey 80+ blended with Aloe Vera, Bilberry and With Hazel.  This purifying toner thoroughly removes remaining traces of oil, makeup and dirt and prepares the skin to maximise the benefits of your moisturiser.  These natural ingredients combine to stimulate the circulation, firm the elasticity of the pores and rejuvenate the skin cells.  Manuka Honey 8-+ helps eliminate impurities and assists in the healing of blemishes.  Leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalised. 


After cleansing apply toner to cotton wool ball and wipe gently over the face.  Allow to dry naturally.  Use once or twice daily depending on your skin type.

Other beneficial ingredients:

Neroli Oil, Oat Bran Extract