ApiNourish Repairing Skin Repair Cream

Manuka Doctor

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Purified Bee Venom with UMF 18+ Manuka, Facial Repair Cream, 50ml.
A deep penetrating anti-ageing treatment.

Offering what people are calling a natural alternative to botox - bee sting therapy. Manuka Doctor's Purified Bee Venom range is a nourishing therapy for your skin. It contains a special combination of Purified Bee Venom and UMF 18+ Manuka honey and other natural ingredients.

Bee Venom helps to assist the body's ability to improve skin conditions:

- regenerating
- anti-wrinkle & anti-ageing
- helps reduce the appearance of scars
- aids renewal of damaged skin cells
- blemish treatment & control
- no Parabens or SLS

Bee Venom masks have been touted as being a natural alternative to botox, and are reported as having been used by the Duchess of Cambridge, Danni Minogue, the Duchess of Cornwall, Michelle Pfeiffer and other celebrities.

Bee venom consists of more than 18 natural substances that cannot be chemically reproduced. It is readily used in therapies for the treatment of such conditions as arthritis, tendinitis and for dissolving scar tissue.

To extract the Bee Venom a pane of glass is placed along side the hive and a small electrical current is run through it, which encourages the bees to sting the surface. The bees are not harmed in the process.

The most abundant active component of the bee venom is melittin, which has many useful properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anit-viral actions.

Do not use this product if you have an allergy to to bee stings.

Directions for Use:
Apply to clean skin morning & night to the appropriate area. If signs of irritation occur discontinue use immediately.