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Kanuka Essential Oil - 100% pure

Kanuka Essential Oil - 100% pure

$25.50 NZD

This is the core product on which all the other products are based. It is the Rolls Royce of tea tree oils, a broad spectrum essential oil ideal for aromatherapy and massage whether used pure or blended with other oils. It can also be used in oil burners.

It has many different applications including; mouth ulcers, sore gums, bad breath, sinus, acne, stiff joints, arthritis, bee stings, athletes foot, headlice.

Kanuka and Manuka belong to the myrtle family and the genus Leptospernum of which there are over 30 known species in Australia, 3 in New Zealand, while the others are chiefly confined to Malaya and New Caledonia.

The three New Zealand species are;

1) Kunzea Ericoides - Kanuka - White Tea Tree. Endemic to New Zealand it can grown to 20-25m in height, leaves small and soft, flowers between November and December.

2) Leptospernum Scoparium - Manuka - Red Tea Tree. Also grows naturally in Australia - up to 10m in height, leaves biggish and sharp, flowers November - December but can flower right through the year.

3) Sinclairii - Prostrate Manuka - endemic to New Zealand.

Barrier Gold extracts both Kanuka and Manuka but the latter on a lesser scale. Kanuka is Barrier Gold’s core oil, a truly New Zealand oil. Kanuka is a lighter oil, on the density scale around 10. Manuka is around 15. Being smaller and lighter the Kanuka oil molecules penetrate the skin and muscle tissue faster and deeper than Manuka. Manuka needs to be blended with other oils to get the same results or it will just sit on the skins surface. With it’s exceptional deep penetrating qualities not only is Kanuka very effective as an anti-inflammatory it also works well as a pain reliever as it gets right into the joints and muscles. It is ideal for steam inhalations to ward off viral infections and chills, or as a relaxer before going to bed.

If there is an outbreak of head lice in your district try this oil. People who have tried it have had marvelous results. Many people use it in preference to putting large amounts of chemicals on their children’s heads. Barrier Gold Kanuka oil is the natural solution, mixed with water, shaken and sprayed onto the scalp. The oil can be used for a whole range of applications. Every bottle comes with a booklet on how to use the oil.


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