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Kanuka Healing Balm - 50ml

Kanuka Healing Balm - 50ml

$24.95 NZD

The Kanuka essential oil, beeswax and Manuka honey for this balm is produced from products on Great Barrier Island, only the extra virgin oil comes from elsewhere in New Zealand. The balm has many different applications; lip balm, cold sores, cuts, stiff joints, sore muscles, arthritis, bee stings, insect bites, insect repellant, sun burn, thrush, athletes foot and eczema. It can be used for massage and as a natural lubricant.

With it’s exceptional deep penetrating qualities not only is Kanuka very effective as an anti-inflammatory it also works well as a pain reliever as it gets right into the joints and muscles. It is ideal for steam inhalations to ward off viral infections and chills, or as a relaxer before going to bed.

It has no animal ingredients and is a broad spectrum balm that has been compared to Tiger Balm.

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