Lanolin Creme-100g

Peter Gower

$9.50 NZD 

An ultimate skin treatment. Enriched with nature’s moisturising lanolin, healing vitamin E and soothing aloe vera gel, which helps nourish and care for your skin, keeping skin smooth and supple.

Lanolin has been known for many years to be beneficial to the skin with its natural moisturising qualities. It helps to create an effective barrier to keep the skin from drying out and cracking. Combined with oils and urea it provides a ‘protective layer’ to prevent skin being leached of moisture and oils by the harsh elements of everyday life such as pollution, solvents, dry air and so on. 100g

Vitamin E (Tocopheral Acetate) is valued for its moisturising and healing properties it complements the well known healing qualities of Aloe Vera gel, which comes from the leaf of the cactus of this name. Lanolin Crème is suitable for use on the face or body.