Greenstone Jade Single Twist Pendant


$155.00 NZD $175.00 NZD

This beautiful intertwined Single Twist Pendant has been carved in such a way that the two strands of the greenstone are separate. The single twist represents the everlasting bond between two people which will never fade, even if these individuals are separated for a long period of time. It also resembles the path of life and eternity.
This comes in either polished or matt finish. It is hung on a plaited, waxed polyester cord and has a greenstone toggle at one end. TW7

Width: 1.75 inches / 4.5 cm
Height: 2 inches / 5.5 cm

Please note: We are no longer stocking this supplier, once sold out we will not get anymore in , check out our other Greenstone for similar styles