ApiClear Blemish Cream 25ml

Manuka Doctor

$20.00 NZD 

Natures alternative skin treatment.

Made in New Zealand. 25ml

This cream is formulated using the natural anti-bacterial and healing properties of Active Manuka Honey with a high UMF value, specifically to help improve skin troubled by acne.

Powerful natural ingredients : UMF 18+ Manuka Honey & Proplis, Vitamin E & Witch Hazel.

Because of its long isolation from the rest of the world and its island biogeography, New Zealand has extraordinary flora and fauna. About 80% of the flora occurs only in New Zealand, one being the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Manuka is a unique evergreen tree, native to New Zealand. Its intensely scented flowers bloom in summer and bees absolutely love them.

UMF Honey

The Unique Manuka Honey (UMF) found only in selective Manuka honey describes the anti-bacterial property, sought after for its qualities that support health and wellbeing. Independent laboratory testing determines the UMF value after the honey is packaged. The higher the UMF level, the higher the level of anti-bacterial benefits.
Besides the health promoting properties this product has wide appeal as a pleasurable eating experience! The dark cream to dark brown honey produced by the bees from the nectar of the flowers has a distinctive taste profile: slightly bitter, mineral, herbaceous.

UMF is the registered name and trademark of the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) and can be used only by licensed users who meet set criteria which include regular monitoring and auditing of the quality of their honey. UMF Manuka Honey from a New Zealand company licensed to use the name UMF, and labelled in the licensee’s name, is the only honey guaranteed to have the special UMF healing property and be of the same quality as that referred to in the research and clinical trials.

What can UMF Honey do for you?
UMF Manuka honey can be taken by eating or by application to the skin surface. Its anti-bacterial activity has an equivalent concentration to phenol (a common antiseptic). It supports the natural healing of wounds, and can help soothe the digestive tract as well as the throat. The active ingredients and anti-oxidants in UMF products can be used for added vitality, oral health, an active immunity or can assist digestive health.

UMF Ratings
0 - 4: Not detectable
5 - 9: Maintenance Level
10 - 14: Suitable for therapeutic usage
15 and higher: Superior levels with very high activity levels for therapeutic usage

Active Honey
Honey’s anti-bacterial activity has been recognised since 1550BC by the ancient Egyptians. Aristotle recommended it for assisting natural healing of infected wounds. Any type of honey may be called active if it has antibacterial properties. However this anti-bacterial activity can vary widely in potency.