Maori Adze Toki Pendant in flax kete - Full Tiki 10cm


$440.00 NZD 

Adze Toki (Maori) : The Toki symbolises strength and triumph over adversity. It was used by Maori to defend themselves when faced by a threatening challenge. The Toki was often carried by a Maori chief or conquering warrior who was considered to have great strength and honour. This toki is carved as a Tiki and comes in a flax kete bag. The toki is hung on a waxed and plaited cord.

As these pieces are individually carved, they may vary slightly in size. Hand carved from New Zealand greenstone with a matt finish and a paua eye.

Hei Toki : Strength, Authority and Mana.

Width: 2 inches / 5.5 cm
Height: 4 inches /10 cm