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Possum Fur and Merino Wool 8 Ply Knitting Yarn 100g

Possum Fur and Merino Wool 8 Ply Knitting Yarn 100g

$38.00 NZD

30% Possum Fur and 60% Merino Wool and 10% nylon. It knits as an 8 Ply yarn.

Natural, Cranberry, Charcoal, Black, Navy, Electric Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Duck Egg Olive.

Approximately: 420m or 1260' / 100g or 3.5 ounces. It knits on 3.75mm needles and is just under an 8 ply.

The manufacturers say that four of the 100g skeins are sufficient for an average adult garment.

Handwash and rinse in warm water. Dry flat in the shade.

The unique property of Possum fur is that each fibre is hollow. This gives excellent insulation qualities ensuring that possum fur and wool garments are lighter compared to some other heavier knitted items.

You will get Years of Life from your Possum fur and wool Garment... As well as incredible softness and warmth the yarn is strong and durable. Possum fur is 16 to 17 micron (very fine) and when blended with wool ensures a luxurious and soft handle to the fabric.

Helping save New Zealand's Native Forests... Each night the 70-90 million Possums in New Zealand eat their way through 22000 tones of native forest. Your purchase of possum fur and wool yarn means that you will have a truly unique garment but also contributed to the preservation of our native forests.

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