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Pure Wool Pillow Medium

Pure Wool Pillow Medium

$40.00 NZD

Feel the benefits of waking up after the perfect nights sleep on a pure wool pillow. Aches and pains will be a problem of the past and you will feel totally rejuvenated and ready for the upcoming day! Our pillows are manufactured from premium grade pure New Zealand wool that has been treated with ‘ultra fresh’. We offer soft, medium, and firm pillow softness options so that we will have the pillow that will meet your personal requirements. Our pillows are all large in their construction when compared to other pillows on the market so rest assured that you will receive plenty of pillow for your dollar! We use a high quality bleached cotton shell with a zip closure for housing the woollen pillow fill. This can easily be removed which makes laundering or airing of your pillow very easy and convenient. Wool has many additional attributes that give it superior performance when compared to other bedding products. In hot humid conditions the wool fibres will absorb moisture to cool you down and in cold conditions the wool fibres will insulate you keeping your body temperature super cosy! This is especially important when most of your body heat is lost via your head. Other attributes of wool include superior insulation and resilience, moisture absorption, therapeutic value, and flame resistance to name just a few. Advantages of wool bedding. Take advantage of the benefits of having a perfect nights sleep. Don’t delay, order your wool pillow today.

Easy Care

Pillow shell is machine washable. Wool batting air naturally and dry cleaning recommended.

Features · Pure wool batting fill. · 100% bleached cotton percale 40/40 110 x 90 construction. · Zip closure. · Wool treated with Ultra Fresh.

Packaging · Rope handled high quality plastic carry bag with zip. · Colour insert held in place to prevent movement.

LengthxWidth : 48x73cm. / 19x29in.
Weight : 750 gsm

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