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Tawari Honey in 5g Snappaks

Tawari Honey in 5g Snappaks

$6.00 NZD

This light honey comes with a punch and a hint of butterscotch. The Tawari tree is found in great groves deep within the forests of Te Urewera. Its delicate white flowers were used by our ancestors as beautifying garlands. Today, our bees work the pools of nectar of these flowers to produce one of the finest honeys of New Zealand. Tawari Honey will bring out culinary delight for desserts and to complement fruits and cheese.
Warm or press the snappak gently to soften the honey, to release the aroma and full flavours, before you snap it open. Enjoy!
Vintage 2014.

Ingredients : 100% honey

5 x 5g Snappaks

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